GOOD FOOD CREW, INC. started in 2011 as a project for good friends and fellow artists Des1 and Yames to outlet their talents behind a name. GOOD FOOD began by putting up stickers with the intention of creating visual treats on the street and gaining recognition for doing so. We joined up with our friends Maurizio and Marky B., adding their skills to our slew as the GOOD FOOD CREW. Together, we have been working on projects as well as free-lance work and collaborations with others such as Party Supplies, Frost215, Meyhem Lauren, NYC Mess Kings and many others. The biggest project we are doing, and easiest way for us to get our work out is by creating our own apparel. We love the process of producing graphic tees because it allows us a venue for showcasing our talents. GOOD FOOD is always moving forward in attention to detail in our upcoming work and releases.